Hi. I’m Linda, the photographer and owner of Linda Hoard Photography. Photography is in my blood--and I just can’t enough! I guess my dad gave me the “bug.” He was an amateur photographer, and my brothers and I spent many long minutes waiting outside the bathroom door for him to finish developing film or printing one more photograph. I remember getting my first brownie camera for Christmas at the age of seven--I dropped it and broke it before I took one picture! (A sign of things to come!) When I was twelve, I saved up my allowance and bought a Kodac instamatic--a little camera with snap-in cartridge film and a little square flash bulb to put on top. (That’s showing my age, isn’t it?) As I got older, my dad let me borrow his Mamiya--a real professional camera. I was in heaven! Since then, I’ve owned--and dropped--several cameras, Mamiya, Nikon and Canon and just can’t stop shooting! Or learning! I am continuously being inspired by some of the country’s finest photographers, either through seminars, workshops, or through online webinars or books, all while perfecting and growing my own personal style.

I am married to an amazing, wonderful, and handsome guy. Steve and I celebrate our 39th anniversary this year. What can I say--we were married as children! So young! We have seven beautiful--and also amazing--children, ranging in age from seventeen to adults. (We wanted to put off the empty nest! Now we’re gonna be REALLY old when they all leave!)  We also have five beautiful grandchildren. You may see some of my children around the studio, as I have put them all to work at one time or another as my assistants, helpers, organizers, and anything else I can think up.

(You know what they say about “idle” hands--got to keep ‘em busy!)  

You will also see some images here by my extremely talented

daughter, Maiya. I am constantly learning from her as well--as she is very in-tune to the pulse of the younger generation

and her images are amazing. She has assisted me with many portrait sessions and now we share a studio space as she has her own photography business. Check her website out at maiyajanay.com if you are looking for business branding photography....or anything else for that matter.  She is amazing.

Wherever you are in your life, chances are I’ve been there. Maternity? Been there. Seven times. I truly understand the joys, and the weariness of pregnancy. I can relate to you, and will cater to your comfort. Newborns. I love them! Every time I saw a new baby, I wanted one! Now I get my baby fix from YOUR baby! Please bring me your newborn. Come right from the hospital and up to two weeks for the best newborn portraits. Babies. Awe! Cuddly, awesome, bundles of joy! Toddlers. Bring ‘em on! I’m ready to take on any two year old! The pre-schoolers. Could they be any sweeter? And why are school kids left out when it comes to great professional pictures. School pictures just don’t do them justice! We can bring out their personality too.

High school seniors.


I have experience here too. All seven of my children either are or have been teenagers. I love the high school senior. Senior pictures are the time to portray not only who they are, but who they want to be. Let them show their personality, and their dreams in their portraits with a character session.


I’ve got one.

So do you.

Let’s show your world the love and relationships you share with your beautiful family with great classic or contemporary portraiture.

Ah, and for the ladies only.



and sexy

glamour and boudoir photography

of women,

by women,

for that special someone.

It doesn’t matter what your age or size is,

you are loved the way you are.

Celebrate that love with sexy portraits that will be cherished.


Give me a call and let’s have fun creating beautiful portraits--and beautiful memories!

We are located downtown Kalamazoo in the Peregrine Plaza, next to Juicy Leaf and Down Dog Yoga and across the street from Central City Tap House and Morrison Jeweler.

316 South Kalamazoo Mall, Suite 106

Kalamazoo, MI 49007